Axis tries picking up on some fictitious fiction reading.
For those moments in life when you’re feeling lost, pick up a map.
Molly and Axis are sparring over the word, “annotate.” Let’s see if they can remain friends.
One of my most favorite movies is “Almost Famous.” Naturally, of course.

Axis takes a stab at “The Classics.”

Beebleblook has its share of crisis moments. Axis can typically be found somewhere in the midst of them being a tad obstinate.
Oliver fills his time with a latte and some leisurely linguistics.

Take notice of the ubiquitous and oh, so famous green apron. I still have mine.

I have a swear jar next to my drawing desk.

Thomas Whitfield

Artist, rockstar, recovering designer, and general all-around do-gooder; that’s me. Please add to this that I am intrepid, dogmatic, and fastidious.

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