‘Axis’ for April 24, 2022

Thomas Whitfield
2 min readApr 24, 2022

This humble cartoonist is a sucker for delicious, deep-fried cholesterol so this is my own personal ode and tribute to that succulent and rather working-class mainstay of my very young boyhood — that being a steaming, straight-out-of-the-fryer batch of English fish & chips — served up with lots and lots of vinegar and tartar sauce, of course. Back when I was a wee lad of a Yank living in the San Francisco bay area, I had quite literally gobs and gobs of this stuff almost morning, noon, and night — much to my delight. My god, I love fish & chips!

Having said all of that, I typically think that the British are funny as hell. They’re the only group of people on the planet who can ripely cuss you out and still sound rather polite and upper-crust whilst they do it. It’s enough to give an American mutt like me a *snarky* laugh every time I hear a proper Brit give a wanker a total dressing down and telling his crummy ass what for. Let’s just say that I watched a hell of a lot of the BBC back when I was a kid (thanks, PBS) and I got almost daily doses of those classic shows on the tele like “Have You Been Served,” “Keeping Up Appearances,” and of course, “The Benny Hill Show.” I swear, that crafty Benny Hill was a cheeky bastard! Funny as hell! Looking back, it was during some rather risque and quite tawdry episodes of “The Benny Hill Show” as a young boy that I actually got to see boobies for the very first time in my lustful life. Thanks, Benny Hill, for showing me at least what the upper body of a woman looks like in the nude for a few, brief seconds. It was all that they could “get away with” back during those prudish years. Damn, I was a boy so I naturally loved it.

Enough! I quite literally despise commenting on my own *storytelling* and this laggard of a comic strip! I’m a cartoonist, dammit — not a essayist. I’d much rather be an enigma than a self-indulgent explainer of everything under the sun. This should be enough *copy* to satisfy the fucking Algo.

Finally (but not quite finally enough), this intrepid and still-indie cartoonist would like to give a very grateful *hat-tip* to one of my regular readers here on the platform. This salute goes out to Uvebruce , for his steady curiosity and peering into the comic strip offerings I have *self-published* here on Medium. Thanks, mate. Thank you for always seeing the humor in the morass word salad that I have routinely tried to cobble into something which passes as comedy. I greatly appreciate. More to come.

Thomas Whitfield

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