‘Axis’ Cavalcade for February 5, 2022 (Reprints)

Thomas Whitfield
3 min readFeb 5, 2022

I’ve been rejected from the Rejections window. If The Syndicates were a super hero, their superpower is simply an unvarnished ability to tell someone “No.” They’re damn good at it.

There’s a true story behind this one. And no, I won’t go into it. #funnypages #reallife #thief

I’ll just hashtag this one #socialmedia

Above is the strip that got me #shadowbanned and #censored on #Facebook a couple of years ago. #HairyFishnuts is a very real thing, still. It’s one of the reasons that I yanked all of my ‘Axis’ stuff off Facebook and I’ve never been back on that platform since.

I will admit that I am sucker for a great-looking picture of food on a frozen box of something. If the photograph looks delicious, I’m sold and it’s dinner for that night. As a cartoonist, I have my bad habits.

True story — I actually did read the word “heteronormativity” in an online news article once. I had to do a double-take on it since I had no idea that there are people who actually invent these words. Somebody got paid a paycheck to sit in a room at a desk somewhere and come up with the mashup, bastardized word of “heteronormativity.” These people have jobs. Can you believe it?

Lastly, here’s one for the ages. A thousand years from now, anthropologists will dig up our bones and study all of this crap and scratch their heads and ask, “who in the hell is this Brandon dude?” That will be the surmise of our collective contribution to this world — we some how immortalized the name “Brandon.” Go figure.

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