Ha! Being a guy can totally suck! Just try to always shave off the [bleeping][bleep][bleep] beard practically every [bleep][bleep][bleeping] day of your life because you're sick and tired of it but those damn things just keep growing back. You're relegated to a whole entire life of constantly shaving your face just to get dates with women. Totally sucks, I tell ya! And then there's that whole other thing about trying to bend over and clipping our own toe nails every week because we all know that [bleeping][bleep][bleep] gnarly feet and toes on a guy are a complete turn off. Besides all of that, it's a great article. I loved reading it. Rock on.

Artist, rockstar, recovering designer, and general all-around do-gooder; that’s me. Please add to this that I am intrepid, dogmatic, and fastidious.

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