As a veteran senior visual designer and director, I despised PM's (product managers, project managers...whatever). In my studio, I often would listen to them during a scrum and silently wonder to myself, "what is it exactly that you DO?" Exactly what justified the paycheck? As a senior visual designer, I actually created content (in-game assets) that players would see. What the f--k does the "product manager" or "project manager" make or create? During my lengthy career in tech, this one nagging fly-on-the-wall question always pestered me every day that I was there working 10 hours and 12 hours a day to meet a production deadline for our next game "build." Engineering and Creative are by far the two most custom critical team elements in all of tech. Administrative "oversight" be damned, in my most h-u-u-u-u-u-m-b-l-e and visually creative meager opinion. BTW, I've "retired" from my tech career. I left it behind about 5 years ago.

Artist, rockstar, recovering designer, and general all-around do-gooder; that’s me. Please add to this that I am intrepid, dogmatic, and fastidious.

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