June 2021 Stripe account stats for the artist.

Cartoonists are not writers — or at least we try not to be writers. Sometimes it happens by accident that some weird, odd-shit piece of online visual humor that we spent quite literally many midnight hours and several days working on (see, “drawing”) does turn out to include these lettered-up things called “words” (in proper English and suitable grammar) end up appearing inside of the comics panels and hocus pocus, just like that, a cartoonist does indeed mistakenly fall off the log of intrepid satirical illustrator and finds himself actually being a storyteller — a “writer.” I’m Thomas Whitfield, I’m…

“I wanna go back…and do it all over…but I can’t go back…I know” — Eddie Money

Axis is having a bit of a problem with his verb tense. We can blame time for that linguistic screw-up.

It’s a #FlashbackFriday and my old green apron is getting in on the action.

Here we go. Let’s have some fun with my old apron.

A professional cartoonist is an amateur cartoonist who never gave up. In your face, gatekeepers.

The adverse circumstances of chivalry are many. Beware of them.

My daily view.

Part 1 — A Life In Pencil

Earlier this afternoon, I received (yet, again) one of the most common emails that a cartoonist can find being unceremoniously dumped into their humble inbox on any given day of the year — another “thanks, but no thanks” rejection letter from a major national publishing syndicate. Upon glancing over and noticing it sitting there in my inbox with its recognizable unopened state, I naturally did what a cartoonist does in this exact interruption of his day type of occasion — I quickly and nervously averted my eyes and sat in my desk chair…

In the event that Mgmt. is watching, this one’s for you.

The artist has been a “Bloomer” since ’83. Rock on.

Thomas Whitfield

Artist, rockstar, recovering designer, and general all-around do-gooder; that’s me. Please add to this that I am intrepid, dogmatic, and fastidious.

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