I’m driven by Creativity…and the music of Queen.

Here’s a reprint strip from last year. More to come.

It’s time for Axis to go back to Beebleblook. More hijinks to come. Just as soon as the artist sharpens his pencil.

Perception is 99% of reality — especially when you’re young and still single.

Axis took a few weeks away while he was busy doing some writing and practicing guitar.

Here’s a helluva lot of Lorem Ipsum for everyone to enjoy reading. I’m sure there’s a story buried in all of it somewhere. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam elementum, nisi sit amet placerat maximus, lorem magna mattis libero, in imperdiet augue felis quis tortor. Suspendisse ornare erat eu finibus imperdiet. Fusce tempus mauris velit, a sagittis lacus rhoncus sit amet. Etiam semper orci quis est tempor, a placerat nisi consequat. Curabitur tincidunt sapien arcu. In nibh mi, viverra vel tortor et, porttitor consectetur lorem. Proin vehicula purus lorem, sed mollis nisi ultricies vitae. …

June 2021 Stripe account stats for the artist.

Cartoonists are not writers — or at least we try not to be writers. Sometimes it happens by accident that some weird, odd-shit piece of online visual humor that we spent quite literally many midnight hours and several days working on (see, “drawing”) does turn out to include these lettered-up things called “words” (in proper English and suitable grammar) end up appearing inside of the comics panels and hocus pocus, just like that, a cartoonist does indeed mistakenly fall off the log of intrepid satirical illustrator and finds himself actually being a storyteller — a “writer.” I’m Thomas Whitfield, I’m…

“I wanna go back…and do it all over…but I can’t go back…I know” — Eddie Money

Axis is having a bit of a problem with his verb tense. We can blame time for that linguistic screw-up.

It’s a #FlashbackFriday and my old green apron is getting in on the action.

Thomas Whitfield

Artist, rockstar, recovering designer, and general all-around do-gooder; that’s me. Please add to this that I am intrepid, dogmatic, and fastidious.

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